Vandrarhem Garvaren

A unique overnight stay in the heart of the old wooden town Eksjö


The old town Eksjö

Eksjö is one of Sweden's best-preserved wooden towns, with architecture and memories from over four centuries. Eksjö as a town has been around since the 15th century, but was burned down in the mid-16th century. Most of the buildings that now stand in the picturesque city center, the Old Town, were built after the city was destroyed by fire, and Eksjö has been relatively spared from major fires ever since. Many of the current houses were built in the 16th, 17th and 19th centuries.

Eksjö offers both cultural and nature experiences such as the unique old wooden town, Filmbyn Småland, Skurugata and Skuruhatt - as well as charming little shops, beautiful walking and cycling paths, and swimming opportunities. Christmas Market and City Festival are annual activities. Welcome to experience Eksjö!

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Hiking on the Höglandsleden consists of 440 km of wonderful hiking through nature and culture in the Småland Highlands.


Höglandets canoe center starts at Bocksjöstugan, 10 km. south of Eksjö, and offers canoe hire and trips on the Emån River through beautiful highland scenery. 

Relax in nature

Around Eksjö

Skurugata is an approximately 800 meter long gorge that is often described as southern Sweden's most peculiar natural phenomenon. A walk through the gorge is a wonderful nature experience. At the start of the gorge is the Skuruhatt lookout which offers a beautiful and unforgettable view of the landscape.

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Hiking on the Höglandsleden consists of 440 km of wonderful hiking through nature and culture in the Småland Highlands. The route consists of four different parts, two of which pass partly through the municipality of Eksjö. Höglandsleden is part of Smålandsleden and stretches across the highlands in several stages. The trail is marked in orange and signposted with a square blue sign with two walkers in the middle. For directions and maps, please contact the Eksjö Tourist Center.

Eksjö Tourist Center (+46) (0)381-361 70


Höglandets kanotcenter begint bij Bocksjöstugan, anderhalve kilometer ten zuiden van Eksjö, en biedt kanoverhuur en tochten op de rivier de Emån door prachtige hooglandnatuur.  Ter plaatse kun je hulp krijgen bij het plannen van een passende reis en ook hulp krijgen bij vervoer van en naar verschillende vertrekpunten. Het is seizoensgebonden geopend van mei tot oktober. Bel voor boekingen en meer informatie. Bengt Koltman tel. nr. (+46) (0)70-857 01 14


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A place full of history in Eksjö